Without the retailer, a manufacturer is as without a base material to produce his products. Any self-respecting manufacturer can not do without an excellent dealer network, also in the sales areas of WIMs world in move.

It is extremely important that with the years of knowledge of the dealer, with his investments, the market information is transferred to the manufacturer so that the manufacturer listens and acts on it.

The end-user only has the possibility at the dealer to make a correct choice which model of the manufacturer will be sold. And what information the end user wishes to obtain in order to make the right decision. It is not opportune that nowadays the assignments do not come naturally, but that everyone has to work hard on it.

WIMs world in move has great respect for the dealer and we do everything possible to support the retailer.

As has long been known by the dealers, WIMs world in move only works on an exclusive basis so that the margins for the retailer are optimally maintained and discount vendors are banned.

"Prices are important, so keep them." is an important slogan. Only with a good margin the dealer has opportunities to survive, to invest and to achieve a good acceptable profit. Profit, this is not a dirty word, but a way to survive.