Every agent and manufacturer is currently on the market for projects and contracts. To also tap into this market with its specific requirements and wishes. The fact that the clients no longer go to the dealership for large projects but is looking for a collaboration with the project dealer is understandable and has been happening for decades. If we honestly conclude, a retailer can no longer handle large projects. Large scale versus (smaller) dealers is not a fair comparison. This does, however, result in a completely separate branch of contracts and projects that can no longer be ignored.

From the beginning of the 1990s, WIMs world in move has already entered the contract market. An extensive network as a result of years of collaboration. All manufacturers that represent WIMs world in move have specific features and characteristics that amply meet the requirements and wishes of the project dealer. On behalf of all manufacturers, WIMs world in move wants to underline that an exclusive contract is completed with the project dealer and that it is out of the question to contact the client directly to get the contract. This happens too much with the "big" boys and in our opinion is bad attitude towards the project dealers.

We love our work. We respect everyone.