When designing a house, the knowledge and inventiveness of the ARCHITECT has a major influence on the new occupant which furniture will eventually be chosen. By the ARCHITECT, or by the INTERIOR ARCHTECT, or by the end user.

For every manufacturer, it is of evident importance that the ARCHITECT is informed about the possibilities of the manufacturer with which she / it / he works or will want to work. As is often the case with the ARCHITECT, the choice of furniture is a question of awarding something in combination with thorough choices of materials and finishing. Being inventive and not always following the path already taken by many.

Likewise the INTERIOR ARCHITECT as well for the ARCHITECT WIMs world in move is ready to inform about the standard possibilities and often the "tailor-made" wishes of the end user.

And this information will be shared long before there may be any question of filling in furniture needs. Better to inform too early than too late.